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No fax with you on your (business-) trip ? But you do have an Internet-connection ? Here's the solution !


How FaxWave Works

FaxWave gives you a free phone number to receive faxes in your email account.

Step 1. Members register to receive a FaxWave personal fax telephone number.

The FaxWave service provides anyone who uses the Internet with a personal and private fax telephone number which can be published to friends and associates for receiving faxes. Members are expected to provide registration information and accept the terms and conditions of the FaxWave service.

Step 2. Friends and associates send faxes to the FaxWave number.

The FaxWave number is a 10 digit North American phone number. Sending a fax to this number is no different than sending faxes to a standard fax machine. The sender addresses the fax, dials the 10-digit FaxWave number, and hits send. The sender pays standard long distance rates to send this fax.

Step 3. The FaxWave service processes the fax and routes it to the Member’s Email address.

The FaxWave service platform receives the fax from the sender and converts it to a computer-readable format. This file is attached to an email message and sent to the Member’s email address over the public Internet.

Step 4. The Member retrieves faxes when checking Email on-line.

Email messages arrive in the Member’s email inbox with the from field displaying "FaxWave Service." The member opens this email message, clicks on the fax attachment and may view, resend to others, or print the fax. Most late model computer operating systems such as Windows 98, Windows 95, and Windows NT have full-featured fax viewing and printing applications which automatically display the fax on the screen of the computer. Macintosh computers are also supported with utility software available from our download page.

Step 5. Use it often, for FREE! CallWave will make money by advertising and optional paid services.

If you're delighted with FaxWave, we hope that you will purchase added features and services in the coming year. We'll also be adding some banner advertising to our site, and to the email messages that deliver your faxes. We are a fast and efficient Internet company so you can depend on us for great value in the services we provide. If you like FaxWave, you'll love what's next!

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